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5 Stars“Thank you Hawaii Smile Designs for my amazing smile! Words cannot do justice of how completely satisfied and content I am with my teeth. I’ve never felt so much joy in my life where I can truly express the way I feel with a perfect genuine smile. To Dr. Miyai for giving me an impeccable smile that I’ve always dreamt about and tolerating how particular and meticulous I can be, thank you! You’re so remarkable at what you do. Genius! To his team (Perry and Charmaine) for being so kind, welcoming, and cheerful. This office is filled with so much great energy that you can’t wait to go to your next Orthodontist appointment. I am so grateful and so blessed to have chosen such a wonderful orthodontist who is professional and knowledgeable. Dr. Miyai also listens to what you want and he is very thorough and precise at executing his work. I highly recommend Hawaii Smile Designs!”

– Shasha A.

5 Stars“I am so thankful for Hawaii Smile Designs. Their staff was always so kind to me, they made time for me and they made the process of having braces go by so fast. They really get to know their patients so they can give them the best care possible. I only wore my braces for one year! And I had a palatal expander in that time! I would definitely recommend them for all your dental needs. Thank you Hawaii Smile Designs!”

– Kamryn P.

5 Stars“The staff at Hawaii Smile Designs are great. After having some issues with another Dr. regarding post Invisalign care and their choice of follow up treatment/retainers, Dr. Miyai presented many options I had not been made aware of and helped me find the perfect solution to keep my newly straightened teeth straight while allowing my bite to correctly come together. I was very happy with the care he provided and am very glad he is now here on Maui. My teeth finally feel and look great!”

– Shereen S.

5 Stars“The staff is awesome!!! I highly recommend taking your child at an early age to get checked!! My daughter was seven when she got her braces on. Nothing beats having a friendly and kind Dr!!! My daughter has no fears when going to the dentist because of everyone here!!!”

– Voltness M.

5 Stars“Hawaii Smile Designs will give you the best treatment with the best outcome, after 4 years with braces I could never be more happy with my smile now.”

– Malik C.

5 Stars“I was referred to Dr. Miyai by a friend that had Invisalign. She said I should just go in for a free consultation. I did. I listened to what Dr. Miyai had to say about my case, and how Invisalign and braces would work. I chose to go with FULL BLOWN ADULT BRACES!! I just knew Invisalign wouldn’t be for me! I got Braces put on that day!! It only took 1 year and 9 months. I now have an amazing smile!! It was definitely work the minor discomfort at times! I am now wearing a retainer for the next two months. It is so nice to be able to take it off to eat!!! I finally got a girlfriend with my new found confidence! She says she might even marry me one day! 😉 If you are thinking about braces for you, or your children, go see Dr. Miyai and his staff!! They are the best!”

– Frank L.

5 Stars“We had a great experience with Hawaii Smile Designs. While we were vacationing in Maui, my son broke a bracket and had a wire scraping the inside of his lip. They fit us in that day, fixed the issue, and didn’t charge us. We couldn’t have received better service!!”

– Katie D.

5 Stars“One of my son’s brackets came loose on the flight to Maui last week. Dr. Miyai and April were able to see him right away so he wouldn’t be uncomfortable during his vacation. In fact, they squeezed us in within a few hours of my initial call. Everyone we interacted with was friendly and courteous. Thanks so much!”

– Josh Y.

5 Stars“Service was extremely fast. I love all the technology they have and how quickly they returned with plans of action. I love how comprehensive their discussion of different types of services they offer was along with the different payment options. I left feeling like I had a good grasp on what needed to be done and I also felt no pressure on whatever plan I choose for myself. I highly recommend this office and will be taking my children there too when the time comes.”

– Bethany A.

5 Stars“I have family and friends that wouldn’t go anywhere else. The staff always treated us like family, even though they’re busy they never us feel like we weren’t important. Melody knows what to do and how to get the job right. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I would highly recommend this orthodontic office.”

– Keoni

5 Stars“Great staff. Both Mary and Melody took good care of me. Veey friendly and professional.”

– Nathaniel F.

5 Stars“Possibly the nicest knowledgeable staff EVER!!!! Personally know Mary-sweetest most down to earth, kind loving caring person you’ll know!!!”

– Andrew S.

5 Stars“The staff here is beyond wonderful! They have been a huge help every step of the way! Highly recommend them for all your orthodontic needs!”

– Heather G.

5 Stars“All the staff at Hawaii Smile Designs are wonderful! Thank you for being so prompt with my concerns! I am looking forward to a perfect smile!.”

– Lora-lea L.

5 Stars“Dr miyai was extremely thorough and I could tell he was really concerned about my well being. he has great chairside manner!! I’d recommend him to all my friend”

– Tim T.

5 Stars“I was worried that my daughter’s intense gag reflex would keep her from getting braces, but after seeing how this amazing crew put her expander in today, I know it’s going to go great! I look forward to working with them for the next few years! Amazing Lahaina office :)”

– Aloha U.

5 Stars“The staff at Hawaii Smile Designs is AMAZING!!! ”

– Corinne M.

5 Stars“taff at Dr. Miyai is awesome and made my son feel really comfortable and even gave him candy after his braces got taken off…..lol!”

– Kiki N.

5 Stars“They have a great staff that made my smile better than I could have ever imagined”

– Sophia S.

5 Stars“Very friendly and makes your experience smooth and easy.”

– Stace C.

5 Stars“Dr. Miyai is great! He’s straight forward and honest about what needs to take place for each individual treatment. The entire staff is friendly, engaging, and genuinely interested in helping each patient get to their desired outcomes. The office is clean, up to date, and spacious; plus they have two locations to help serve folks on both the south and west side of Maui. I recommend getting started with a free consultation if you’re even considering braces or Invisalign..”

– Sarah W.

5 Stars“We had an amazing experience here while on vacation in Maui! The staff was amazing and got us an emergency appointment immediately. We were in and out of the office in 30 minutes! Thank you!”

– Katherine P.

5 Stars“Super nice! We are from out of town so when my brothers bracket broke we called them to see if they could get us in. They got us in right away a fixed everything.”

– Becca L.

5 Stars“Great staff! Very friendly from your first step in the door. My son and i got a chance to meet Dr. Miyai and Kahea and our last visit. We were able to go over recommendations and the whole process. I am so pleased with how well and informative they both were. Our appointment was very pleasant, I honestly thought we were taking up so much of their time with me asking questions but she was happy to answer them and my son felt so comfortable at each visit, thanks to their amazing staff. They are a busy but a fast paced office. We are super excited for my son to get started soon.”

– Chrissy

5 Stars“The staff is great! Dr. Miyai is thorough but quick. He explained things well. The reception staff is friendly. Alyssa was nice and helped me out and Kahea explained my treatment plan well. 10/10 would recommend.”

– Jeremy B.

5 Stars“Mary is always so welcoming with her beautiful smile! The staff is friendly professional & absolutely wonderful with kids. I highly recommend the Hilo office!”

– Anna M.

5 Stars“Recently got my braces and I was so excited. Alyssa was the assistant that worked on me, she was very nice and explained every step to me, everything went very quickly, I’m so happy with this orthodontic office . If you’re looking to get braces or invisalign, this is an awesome office and I would highly recommend Dr. Miyai and his team.”

– Melody I.

5 Stars“Let me just start with saying DR MIYAI and his team are THE BEST!! My orthodontic treatment started 2 years ago. I was a full time college student with a part time job. I’ve always wanted to get braces to fix my smile and I was referred to Dr. Miyai. I did the free consultation and talked about prices. I couldn’t afford at that time and told them I will try next time. I got a call a few days later from Jen, and they were able to work with my installment payments that fit my budget, I was soooo stoked. I began my treatment and Dr. Miyai predicted it will take 3 years to complete due to the severity of my case. My smile, teeth and jaw were my biggest insecurities. I had an underbite, gaps in between my top teeth and teeth growing out of place. It was a mess. Dr. Miyai orchestrated my whole treatment and I made sure I followed ALL his instructions. Within a few months, I could see drastic changes. I was ahead of my treatment and the progress kept going. By 1 1/2 years my jaw was realigned, my gap closed and all my teeth were all in the right places. This is my second year of treatment with Dr. Miyai and got my braces taken out which has been my biggest accomplishment. All the aches, discomfort and having to pick my braces for stuck food every time I ate has paid off. I LOVE MY NEW SMILE, thanks to Dr. Miyai and his staff! I personally love April and Cathy, they are my favorite techs! They made my appointments a breeze and they were very gentle and made sure I was comfortable. It’s been a great experience with Hawaii Smile Design. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Miyai and his staff for orthodontic treatments.”

– Patricia N.