If You Have Braces, Daily Oral Care Can Reduce Your Risk of Gum Disease

Your risk of gum disease heightens during orthodontic treatment because food and plaque particles easily become trapped in the wires and brackets so cleaning your smile becomes more challenging. To reduce your risk of gum disease while wearing braces, you can improve your oral health daily through these steps: -... Read more »

Why You May Have a Malocclusion and What to Do About It

Did you know that one in five Americans has a malocclusion? A malocclusion refers to any misalignment of the teeth or jaw. Common examples include overbites, underbites, cross bites and open bites. What is the reason for a malocclusion? For one, our ancestors’ jaws were much larger. Dietary and genetic... Read more »

Fascinating Ortho Appliances You May Not Know About

You’ve likely heard of braces and retainers, but do you know about jaw repositioners? What about space maintainers? Lip and cheek bumpers? Oral devices come in numerous forms and fashions, and if you’ve got crooked teeth or other misalignment problems, there’s certainly something we can do for you. The following... Read more »

Dental Attrition Problems Can Often Be Attributed to Minor Deviations in the Alignment of Your Teeth

Opting to not have the alignment of your teeth corrected in adolescence can eventually lead to other oral health problems later on in adult life. One possible condition that could arise from a minor deviation with the alignment of two or more teeth is known as dental attrition. As time... Read more »

Invisalign®: The Solution to a Better Smile

A solution to straightening your teeth without using braces is being fit for clear aligners such as Invisalign®! These effective and virtually invisible aligners fit in your smile to move the teeth into not only a better-looking position, but a beneficial shape to protect against tooth decay and gum disease.... Read more »

Improving Oral Health While Wearing Braces

Have you heard brushing your teeth can strengthen your oral health? Dental health care is important not only because having rancid breath is uncomfortable, but also because low oral health can result in grave conditions. To help you know more about your oral health, the team at Hawaii Smile Designs... Read more »

Choosing the Right Teeth Whitening Treatment for Your Smile

Did you know that there are certain treatments available designed to specifically improve the appearance of your smile? You can improve the aesthetic color of your smile much quicker and better than normal oral health care habits ever could with teeth whitening treatments. Three common treatment methods for teeth whitening... Read more »

Braces Need Consistent Adjustments to Fully Correct the Alignment of Your Teeth

Your new braces represent a significant investment in correcting the alignment of your teeth for a more appealing smile and a healthier mouth. This is done through a process of routine adjustments. Each of these appointments will tighten your braces to stretch the periodontal ligaments anchoring each of your teeth... Read more »

The Steps You Can Expect in Your Orthodontic Journey With Braces

Are you about to begin the orthodontic journey toward the smile of your dreams? If so, good for you! To help you better understand the orthodontic process, Dr. Aaron Miyai and our orthodontic team are happy to explain the steps involved in your journey. You will first come to Hawaii... Read more »

The Facts About Braces

Braces are an effective tool that can align your teeth and give you the smile of your dreams. However, there's a little more to braces than you might realize. To help you know more about this handy appliance, Dr. Aaron Miyai will be happy to share some facts about braces!... Read more »