At Hawaii Smile Designs, we don’t think of our clients as patients. We know that every person and every mouth is different, and we understand the need to treat the whole person. From your first visit to our orthodontic offices in Lahaina, Lihue, Makawo, Hilo and Kahului, Hawaii, Dr. Aaron Miyai, Dr. Alexander J. Verga and the rest of our team will make sure that everything we do, from the first assessment to your last day in treatment, is done with you in mind! And, since every child should have an orthodontic screening by age seven, you can feel confident in bringing your child to us to identify and address his or her alignment needs in a timely fashion.

At our office, we don’t just rely on traditional braces to do the job of straightening your teeth. We offer Empower braces, Invisalign® clear aligners, and the PROPEL system, which can accelerate your treatment time and have you enjoying your new smile sooner!

To learn more about the Hawaii Smile Designs difference, why not make an appointment by calling (808) 874-9229 today? Our [dr_tpe] and team can’t wait to meet you!