After your orthodontic treatment has been completed, your teeth will be straight, but the discolorations on them may be more noticeable. This makes it the perfect time for teeth whitening, so that you can enjoy all the benefits of a smile that is both straight and white.

Dr. Aaron Miyai and Dr. Alexander J. Verga are proud to offer teeth whitening in Lahaina, Lihue, Makawo, Hilo and Kahului, Hawaii, to help you have a brilliant smile after your orthodontic treatment. At Hawaii Smile Designs, we use the Sinsational Smile® whitening system, a professional whitening treatment that only takes 20 minutes to complete. Sensational Smile® lightens teeth 3 to 5 shades and you will also be provide with a teeth whitening pen for maintenance at home whitening between visits. Please to call our office at (808) 874-9229 to learn more and schedule an appointment with our orthodontists.

Our Hilo office offers Philips® Zoom! Whitespeed Tooth Whitening for everyone! This whitening procedure takes up to 2 hours to complete. Your tooth shade will be recorded before and after treatment. You will also be provided with an at-home whitening kit. Please call our Hilo office at (808) 961-6662 to learn more and schedule an appointment!