After you complete your orthodontic treatment in Lahaina, Lihue, Makawo, Hilo and Kahului, Hawaii, you will begin the retention phase. This phase will help you maintain the results you achieved during your orthodontic journey. If you don’t use a retainer, your teeth can regress to their previous positions, resulting in misaligned teeth once again.

The types of retainers our orthodontists, Dr. Aaron Miyai or Dr. Alexander J. Verga, might recommend include:

  • Hawley Retainer– one of the most common types of retainers, this appliance is made of wires and acrylic. This retainer is custom-made from the impressions, or molds, of your teeth so it fits over the roof of your mouth and your teeth in the most secure and comfortable way.
  • Fixed Retainer– also known as a bonded lingual retainer, this appliance is cemented directly to your upper and lower front teeth. This is a thin metal wire that lines the inside surface of your teeth. It’s important to keep a fixed retainer clean by including it in your oral hygiene routine.
  • Essix Retainer– a clear, removable retainer that looks similar to the Invisalign® aligning trays. It fits over the arch of the teeth, and it is virtually invisible. There is no metal wiring with an Essix retainer, and it is made to be durable, inexpensive, and easy to wear.

If you have any questions about retainers, please feel free to call Hawaii Smile Designs at (808) 874-9229. We are happy to give you the answers you’re looking for.