Our orthodontists, Dr. Aaron Miyai and Dr. Alexander J. Verga, and our orthodontic team understand that orthodontic treatment can be overwhelming and a bit confusing, which is why we are happy to offer answers to frequently asked questions about orthodontic treatment in Lahaina, Lihue, Makawo, Hilo and Kahului, Hawaii. If you have additional questions that were not included on this page, please feel free to call Hawaii Smile Designs at (808) 874-9229.

What is an orthodontist?
An orthodontist is a dental professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating issues related to the alignment of the teeth and jaw or facial irregularities. Orthodontists may use a variety of different oral or facial appliances to correct those problems. Orthodontists complete three years of specialty education after dental school.

Why should I get orthodontic treatment?
There are two reasons why you should align your smile. First, it improves your appearance; second, it improves your oral function. Having an aligned smile can boost your self-esteem, help your mouth function properly, and make cleaning your teeth and gums easier. All of these can improve your oral health.

When should orthodontic treatment be started?
According to the American Association of Orthodontists®, it is recommended to take your child in to an orthodontist by the time they are 7 years old. This makes it possible to treat any issues early on in an easy and simple manner. Generally, children’s smiles are easy to move because they are still developing. However, any time is a good time to visit an orthodontist, even in your adult years!

Are braces painful?
Braces are not typically painful. There may be some discomfort after your braces are first placed on your teeth as well as after adjustment appointments. Discomfort levels are different for every patient, and it generally lasts a couple days.

How long will treatment take?
Each patient is different when it comes to treatment time. However, it’s common for treatment to last anywhere between 6 to 30 months. After treatment, patients will wear a retainer to keep the teeth in their ideal positions.

How often will I come in for an appointment?
During active treatment, you will usually come in to our office for adjustment appointments every 4 to 10 weeks. This all depends on the treatment being performed.

Will I have to watch what I eat?
Yes, you will need to watch what you eat when you have braces. To know which foods to avoid, please visit our “Foods to Avoid” page.

Should I still visit my dentist during treatment?
Yes, you should still visit your dentist during your treatment. In fact, it’s more important than ever to visit your dentist every six months for a routine cleaning and exam. These appointments will involve a deep cleaning your teeth, gums, and braces as well as preventing tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental issues.